The core business of Moore bP Srl comprises all activities within the field of auditing. The Company is active for SMEs on the domestic market as well as for foreign companies and groups, mostly from German speaking countries (such as Austria, Germany and Switzerland), with subsidiaries and/or affiliates in Italy.

In the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, where Italian and German are the official and equivalent languages, companies are free to choose one language or the other for all of their accounting and for all documents relating thereto. It is normal business practice for us to have our customers require that we carry out the tasks entrusted to us and do all related reporting in both languages. It is not only local businesses that have the right to choose a language, though: all companies controlled by and/or subsidiaries of foreign companies with registered offices in the province of Bolzano, even if they operate their manufacturing facilities outside the province of Bolzano, have the same rights.

We deliver our reports in Italian, German or English, pursuant to Statutory Law No. 39/2010. This allows us, also with respect to voluntary audits and due diligence processes, to eliminate all language barriers with respect to management and shareholders of foreign parent companies or the principal auditor of the foreign group.

A partner or manager of our firm is always personally involved when we work with a client onsite: he or she is available to support the individual professional in each phase, from planning to implementation of the work as well as for a detailed discussion of findings.